TAIWAN BIKE RACK CO.,LTD was founded in 1984, specializes in mold design and manufacturing, hardware products manufacturing for ratchet tie-downs and ratchet buckle series. In 1995, Increase production line - bike leisure, the combination of the bicycle carrier and the tie-downs, creating new product line. In 2001, put into the racing hardware manufacturing, manufacturing of semi-finished hardware products of various brands, specializing in the development of progressive die, so that the quality and stability of the product can be maintained a certain level. 

  In 2008, imported Japan's computer sewing machine, start the sewing OEM business, the combination of hardware and webbing, rose to the grade of finished product. In 2013, investment textile weaving machine, production of Nomex/Kevlar series of flat knitting / knitted fabrics, and develop the racing car safety equipment products – racing suit / balaclava / underwear / gloves, etc. In 2014, research and development of new racing car safety cam lock buckle, apply for the United States / Japan / Taiwan / Germany patents, and began to participate in the exhibition, into the new racing car industry. 

  For years, we have been dedicated to the research and development to develop more and better products with outstanding performances to match the requirements of modern people; now, due to the perfect quality and considerate after sale service, our products receive wild support and trust from customers.
Only by improving technical standard and providing competitive products can we satisfy our customers to the most extent, hereby we welcome you to contact us or visit us at any time, any suggestion from you is the motivation driving us move forward.